4 simple network security tips for SMBs

Computer Password SecurityGiven the rising number of data breaches that occurs within organizations, the demand for higher network security from CEOs could never have got more critical. This is especially true now that many business activities and processes have become data-driven, thanks to the sweeping adoption of cloud computing technologies, business analytics, and business intelligence solutions.
However, there is no need to continue biting your fingernails in dread as there are a number of simple methods that you can implement to get fast results. The following are four, easy-to-use, network security tips you can adopt to protect your data.

Know your data

Not to sound fairly obvious, but the more you know about how your data is stored and how easily accessible it is, the more you are aware of the threats to your data security. Many entrepreneurs or CEOs do not fully know what user authentication controls are in place over sensitive data, the access rights, and most importantly, how many people is the sensitive file or folder shared with. Furthermore, it is also essential that you regularly backup your data and keep all network passwords in a secure log that is not easily accessible by your employees or unauthorized personnel.
Knowing your data allows you to know the level of risks your company is exposed to after which you can take the right course of action to increase network security.

Use a next-generation Firewall

Firewalls have long been noted for providing network and data security. However, traditional firewalls no longer can match the sophisticated nature of malicious software programs, bugs, and viruses that can easily compromise a company’s network security.
Next-generation firewalls, however, offer far greater security protocols owing to its effectiveness at filtering traffic. In addition, it is equipped with the latest intrusion prevention system that is efficient for targeting and blocking sophisticated viruses, spyware, and malware containing programs.
Therefore, for companies to remain protected, they must ensure that the firewall they use is of the next-generation and not out-of-date.

Transfer your data to the cloud

Cloud solutions are being adopted by many SMBs owing to its strategic benefits and cost efficiencies. Most importantly, cloud adoption is seen as the safest platform to keep your network security intact and ensure your data is not stolen or misused that easily.
Although there are a number of data breaches that have occurred within the cloud, the key to cloud security lies with the cloud services provider. If the cloud services provider does not have the sufficient data and network security protocols in place that can detect and eliminate emerging malicious programs, then your business naturally will be in danger. Therefore, make sure that you approach the right solutions specialist that can offer you a robust security system to safeguard your data.

Provide regular company-wide employee security trainings

Last but not least, providing regular company-wide employee security trainings to your employees is an effective way to educate about the common ways hackers use to disrupt your network security as well as some of the simple mistakes you can make that can cost your business a lot of money. Therefore, organize special workshops by inviting security experts to inform your employees on how to spot suspicious activities in your system and how to quickly handle a disrupted network.

Article Name
4 simple network security tips for SMBs
Rising number of data breaches that occurs within organizations, the demand for higher network security from CEOs could never have got more critical.