4 skills every computer technician should have

computer-technicianComputer technicians prove to be very crucial either by working for companies or private clients in helping the average user resolve common as well as the not so common computer problems. Many technicians usually are self-taught and have a natural capability of working well with computers. However, most jobs require technicians with a specific skill-set, formal education, and experience to be able to solve a vast variety of computer issues and have greater depth in different computer areas.

The following are some skills that are required from computer technicians.

Expertise in software and hardware

First and foremost; technicians should have a good grasp of using various hardware components and software programs. In the case of hardware, they should know the problems and challenges in different CPU models, for instance, and be able to recommend solutions to their clients with practical solutions. They must be able to take apart a computer without any issues and know the locations of each component inside the computer.

For software, on the other hand, they should know the features of every operating system and also know about the best programs for keeping computer data secure. More importantly, they should also be aware of what kinds of software programs are compatible with different computer hardware.

Troubleshooting know-how

Many of the problems faced by the average occur as troubleshooting errors that are displayed on their computer screen as a result of file damage or corruption. Technicians must be highly adept at resolving these errors by knowing the causes of each error and also be able to exercise sharp problem-solving skills for every other problem.

Technicians should be able to provide clients with effective solutions. These involve having quick internet search skills and know the different software programs suited for fixing the errors.  Internet search skills prove useful to find information pertaining to different errors, programs, and systems. It is very likely that the way to resolve errors in the same program could not be the same with the updated version of the same program.

A technician might also be required to fix hardware components such as circuit boards and wires and be able to resolve the issue without making any errors.

Knowledge of setup and maintenance processes

This is another vital skill that every technician must have. Many of the issues surrounding computer maintenance can only be resolved by rebooting the computer. A technician must, therefore, have the knowledge of the setup process and install the necessary programs. He must also know how to raise the performance of the computer such as partitioning the ‘C’ drive. Installation of drivers of hardware such as printer, sound, and graphics should also be known.

Good communication

It is very important for technicians to be able to relate the extent of the problem to the user in simple language. Many a times, computer technicians would communicate in a very technical manner and the average client or user finds it very difficult to understand what the problem is or how to fix it. Also, technicians should also be able to empathize with their clients when they are stuck with frustrating errors and be able to inspire confidence in fixing the problem.

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4 skills every computer technician should have
Computer technicians prove to be very crucial either by working for companies or private clients in helping the average user resolve common as well as the not so common computer problems