Companies need to promote STEM


You don’t have to be in the Fortune 500 companies to promote STEM. You can initiate your efforts by making a difference on a smaller scale, from your home for instance. Encouraging the future generations to pursue careers in math, science, technology and engineering (STEM) can help foster innovation, excellent productivity and creativity.

Ritu Mahandru, the vice-president of CA technologies, believes that companies should strive and collaborate to promote STEM careers.

And companies are responding to it. Companies like Google and Lenovo have been on the forefront of creating equal opportunities for minorities (women) in their organizations and encouraging women to step into STEM careers. Although this approach may seem to be focused on one particular gender but at least it is a step promoting STEM careers. Such initiatives should not only be initiated but also gain awareness to reshape the priorities of today’s generation. Through proper mentorship and word of mouth, this can be started right in schools to make STEM jobs seem more creative and interesting.

According to many surveys, the reason teens don’t see themselves in a STEM job is because they think they are hard and boring. What they need to be told is, they don’t have to be. This is where companies need to band together and step in. By joining hands, they will be able to achieve more momentum and take it on as a global movement. Here’s what needs to be done:

Become a mentor

From early school ages, companies should facilitate such workshops, sessions formally and informally to explain the perks of STEM jobs. Kids need role models and companies should learn to act like one. The best way to foster a child for a leadership role is to demonstrate it in real life.

Relationship building

All big and small companies should enroll with local school and colleges to build a relationship with their future prospect employees, apprentices and interns directly. This way, not only will you know what to expect of them, they will also familiarize themselves with the organizational cultures and start envisioning themselves on the job. This could include bi-annual trips to your organizations, informative sessions and programs involving and encouraging tech careers etc.

STEM-related sponsorships

Sponsor students. Sponsor them for Olympiads, global events and clubs. Be the means they need to showcase their talents and geniuses. Big companies should collaborate and host events such as internship fairs, career days; campus recruitment drives etc, motivating graduates before they choose their majors to witness for themselves the future prospect sin STEM. Let them be the deciders but become the push they need.

Offer training and courses in business education

Another thing companies must be focusing their effort in is the provision of trainings and basic education related to STEM.  This means that the students must be made aware of their career pathways, have basic business knowledge and be provided training and development programs to gain a beforehand knowledge and experience.

This may not reap any benefits in the near future, but will surely have great prospects and results in the longer term, for both the organizations and the students.

Article Name
Companies need to promote STEM
More companies should band together and collaborate to promote careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem), says CA executive Ritu Mahandru.