Data Security – Steps To Protect Your Business Against Security Breach

Data Security on Red Keyboard Button.The reports of data breached increased by 27.5% till the end of 2014, according to a report. This increase in security breaches has resulted in enhanced data backup and security in large enterprises. But, what about SMBs? There are still plenty of SMBs assuming that they won’t become a target of any security breach being a small business. It is crucial for SMBs to realize the significance of enhancing their data security as being small doesn’t mean all their information would be safe. The office might catch

fire, a server may crash, or an employee accidently deletes an important folder/file or any other problem may arise and if you have no backup then all the data will be lost forever. This is enough to lead a small business to go in bankruptcy if they lose their valuable data.

In order to protect your data and improve the data security in your business, you can follow these three basic steps:

Regular Backups

Regular backups help in protecting the data of your company from theft, alterations, or loss. In case of any data breach or incident, you will have all the data stored safely away and can continue on doing your business using the backed up data. However, keep in mind that you must ensure that your backup data would be secure as well. If you are storing the data on a disk or tape, ensure it is safely located in a distant location from your office. You can also use cloud services to store your data as it an ideal solution and more useful than physical backup mediums.

Limiting Access

It is essential that you restrict access to valuable information to fewer employees as possible. For each piece of information, determine if it is necessary to give access to all the employees or should it only be accessed by few people. If you are utilizing systems like SharePoint Box then access control would be easy as such systems offer a built-in feature enable access to specific information by certain employees.

Enhanced IT Security

IT security like firewalls and anti-virus software are rather common now so it is safe to assume all businesses have these basic IT security measures in place. It is important however to ensure that these are regularly maintained and updated. Other steps can be taken to increase the IT security of your business to protect against security breaches. A few steps are:

  • Ensuring all PCs have auto lock passwords activated which would automatically lock the system if the computer isn’t in use for 5 minutes.
  • Reduce the usage of USB flash drives.
  • Ensure all mobile devices are password protected.
  • Utilize password managers to activate password protection on different applications and services.
  • Activate the two factor authentication when using cloud services like Dropbox, Gmail or other.
  • Ensure all the data stored in hard drives is encrypted.
  • Make sure all software applications are updated.

These are some useful basic steps every business must take to protect the data against any security breach. It is also important to educate all the employees about these steps and importance of data security to enhance IT security within your business.



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Data Security – Steps To Protect Your Business Against Security Breach
A data breach is a security incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so.