Hiring the Right Help Desk Staff

callFrom keeping up with the constantly progressing and evolving demands of information technology to managing serious and substantial workload, there’s a lot on the plate of help desk managers. According to a recent IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend report, more than 50% of the CIOs believe that finding the right help desk staff is one of the most exigent task in today’s time.
However, this problem doesn’t seem as big now; thanks to the dedicated IT staffing agencies that help in finding the right IT talent for your business, alongside saving your precious time and money. If you are perplexed about whether or not you should be outsourcing this responsibility to IT staffing agencies, keep reading to come across 5 solid reasons:

Reason#1 – They Help In Keeping up With Varying Candidate Requirements

We all know that the required skill sets of help desk staff are constantly evolving. There are several aspects that are impacting the help desks at countless firms such as mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 24/7 tech assistance. The best staffing agencies are well informed about these ever-increasing IT candidate requirements and make sure that the candidates they screen for your organization readily possess those skill sets even when you’re not aware of these requirements.

Reason#2 – Find the Best Fit

One of the primary sources of finding suitable candidates for a job today is internet. When you post a job ad online, only a few qualified applicants are likely to turn up that may be technically fit for the job, but not culturally. Finding a technically and culturally fit candidate is nothing less than a challenge. Finding a cultural fit candidate refers to finding an employee that can represent your firm to the customers in the best possible manner, whether internal or external. IT staffing agencies make it a point to screen applicants on both, cultural and technical aspects.

Reason#3 – Find Your Fit ‘Fast’

If the recent statistics are to go by, it takes 5 weeks to fill in a staff positions and 7 weeks to fill in managerial positions on average. This statistic is true for firms that take up the hiring responsibility on their own. However, by outsourcing this task to staffing agencies, this time span can be reduced significantly. This is because a high-end IT recruiter instantly identifies qualified applicants and they often have access to applicants who are readily looking for such opportunities.

Reason#4 – Saves Time

When a company places advertisements like ‘We’re Hiring’, they must be ready to receive millions of CVs from left, right and center. Company owners have a lot of business aspects to focus on instead of browsing through every CV to find the best match, which is a time-consuming undertaking. IT staffing agencies take over this responsibility with utmost honesty and willingness, while reassuring you that only the best help desk staff will be recommended for hiring.

Reason#5 – Saves Money

A bad hire can be more costly than spending millions of bucks in finding the right one. By hiring a wrong candidate, you end up spending additional money on his training and development, and there are bright chances that he/she may leave your firm for a better opportunity later. On the other hand, IT recruiters begin their search by keeping in mind the job requirements so that costly hiring mistakes can be avoided in future.

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Hiring the Right Help Desk Staff
The purpose of a help desk is usually to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance about products such as computers, electronic equipment, food, apparel, or software.