Technology of the Future Can Prevent another Paris-Like Attack from Happening, If Implemented

attaA tragic event occurred in Paris on November 13, 2015. It was a day when 130 innocent people became victims of terrorism. On that day, Paris witnessed suicide bombings and mass shootings at restaurants, cafés, and a music venue. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an isolated incident. In the not-so distant past, the world has witnessed similar tragic events taking place in New York and London. This goes to show that the threat of terrorism is an ever-existing one and that a terrorist attack can occur at any given time or place unless and until we do something to prevent it.

One measure to help prevent terrorism is the implementation of future technology because if implemented, such technology can prevent another Paris like attack from happening. Today, law enforcement agencies can detect, analyze, and ultimately prevent terrorist attacks from occurring by making use of technology and human intelligence. The only thing that remains is having the will to do so.

Screening out terrorists with the help of technology

Law enforcement and special investigating officials may soon be able to screen out terrorists with the help of something other than intuition. Automated systems that track biometrics such as voice, facial features, and body shapes against scientifically tested behavioral indicators are in the development phase at the University at Buffalo. These systems will then score an individual based on their likelihood to commit an act of terrorism. This will help law enforcement and special investigating officials to accurately screen out ‘potential’ terrorists which in turn, will minimize the likelihood of a terrorist attack taking place.

Flying with remote-control technology

Airplanes were the biggest weapon of terrorists when they attacked the Pentagon and the World Trade Center in 2001 to claim the lives of nearly three thousand people. Ever since that day, many efforts have been made to secure airplanes from terrorist hijacks. To date, these efforts have been largely successful.

However, the threat of another such event occurring in recent years is still very much alive. This is the reason why efforts are required to completely secure airplanes from terrorists. One such effort has already been made by the aviation giant, Boeing.

In order to flying an airliner, it has developed remote-control technology. However, the aviation giant has not yet made the technology public. Fortunately, other airliners in collaboration with tech companies are working on similar technology and it might not be long before we see the world’s first Remote-Controlled Airliner.

Using technology to detect bombs and other weapons

Sniffing dogs, human vigilance, and low-grade technology is all we currently have to detect the presence of bombs and other dangerous weapons at bus stations, subways, and busy public places.

However, some tech companies are currently working on developing gadgets that will help in detecting bombs and other dangerous weapons rapidly with the right tech.

In order to address the threat of terrorism, comprehensive and integrated planning is required. This is something technology can help us achieve. Even though completely preventing terrorist attacks from occurring is impossible, the use of technology can help us to mitigate the deaths and suffering caused by such events.

Article Name
Technology of the Future Can Prevent another Paris-Like Attack from Happening, If Implemented
What I find fascinating is that with all of the focus members of the intelligence community place on violating our privacy, they still aren't able to stop attacks like the one in Paris. Currently they are complaining that it is our fault for implementing encryption that blocks their often-illegal views into citizens' personal lives.