Top 10 Computer Support Technician Tools

It is essential for a computer technician to have the latest and best tools for repairing PCs. There is no doubt that, as new issues and errors in programs emerge, you need better tools and items to address them.

In this article, we present a list of the top 10 computer support technician tools.

1)  HWiNFO

HWiNFO (stands for ‘Hardware information’) is an effective repair toolkit software system. It provides a detailed analysis of information in your hardware through in-depth reports via tables, charts and graphs. It helps to check the overall health of your system and allows identifying areas of system failures. It can be updated easily and is suited for all users, irrespective of their expertise.

2)  PC Wizard

Another great program that is useful in identifying the performance status of your PC. While it does not provide as detailed information as other computer support programs, its series of benchmarks in categories such as cache speed, processor performance and hard drive health, help identify the breadth of the errors in your PC. It has the option of being regularly updated that allows it to stay up-to-date with new settings and features.

3)  Shaanxi Xieli Milliammeter

For a computer technician, hardware tools are just as important as software programs. This is why carrying a milliammeter to correctly measure a current of a power supplying wire is important for fixing PCs. This milliammeter provides a bright LED display screen that helps you read power with great precision. It has high quality components and can also be read in bright sunshine.

4)  Hiren’s BootCD

Boot CDs come in handy for technicians to facilitate repair work. Hiren’s BootCD offers a wide range of tools including anti-virus programs that help root out viruses and even back up your data. It can also fix your hard drive and repair or recall lost data due to failures. Hiren’s BootCD provides a comprehensive list of solutions in one CD.

5)  Ultimate Boot CD

The Ultimate Boot CD Is another advanced boot CD that every technician must have. This boot CD is aimed for troubleshooting Windows as well as Linux operating systems. It comes as a package of a range of useful utility programs for testing your computer’s hard drive, memory, and other components. It also gives you the feature of duplicating files and storing it at a safer location.

6)   Stellar Phoenix

Stellar Phoenix is one of the top data recovery software programs. The program can restore data of all file types, including zip files. It recovers data from CD, hard drives, DVDs, SD cards and USB drives. In the case of businesses which are wary of losing important information, Stellar Phoenix Pro allows restoration of infected files a lot more easily.

7)   Seagate Go Flex 1TB External Hard drive

A hard drive with sufficient storage space is critical for backing up data of large quantities. This external hard drive not only offers a storage capacity of 1TB, but also offers multiple adapters which have to be bought separately to have Firewire and Thunderbolt capabilities.

8)  Buffalo Portable MultiDrive DVD Writer

This USB 2.0 portable DVD Writer is an external optical drive that is useful if the computer’s internal optical drive is not working. This helps you to insert a repair tool kit CD or a Boot CD.

9)  Thermaltake Dr. Power II Automated Power Supply Tester

The Dr. Power II is a useful diagnostic tool that allows you to test the power supply of all wires and connectors in the PC. It helps to identify faulty or unstable wires and diagnose PC problems with high accuracy. This power supply tester is a must-have for any technician.

10)  iFixit Heavy Duty Spudger

This is an important anti-static tool for repairing laptops, Macbooks, and other notebook computers. This is a pen shaped tool that has a flat end and a pointed one. The pointed end allows you to unlock ZIF connectors while the flat end is for disconnecting wires and other connectors.


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Article Name
Top 10 Computer Support Technician Tools
It is essential for a computer technician to have the latest and best tools for repairing PCs. In this article, we present a list of the top 10 computer support technician tools.