Top Tech Happenings That SMBs Can Benefit From

sTechnology is indeed one of the greatest aspects in today’s world. Even though these tech breakthroughs are never without a risk, they lead to innovative solutions to various challenges faced by businesses worldwide. As such, it is imperative for companies to keep themselves updated about the latest tech happenings which they can incorporate and benefit from.
Following are the latest happenings in the world of technology which can be important for your business:

Report Claims Only 33% SMBs Have Mobile Optimized Websites

mobile-hand-1According to a recent report, among the group of SMBs that have planned or had created their website till September 2015, only 33% had mobile optimized websites. A year ago mobile optimized websites were even rare as only 26% of SMBs had a website optimized for mobiles. This is rather surprising since millions of people use their mobile devices to search, browse and buy products. Not only this, but Google has also changed the algorithms to give preference to mobile optimized websites. This means there is great opportunity for you to bank on this gap and attract customers by creating a mobile optimized site of your business.

Launch of Microsoft Office 2016

This new version launched by Microsoft may look similar to the previous version but it focuses more on better collaboration and sharing options which were not offered in the last version. Real-time co-authoring has been introduced in Office 2013, as well an option for attaching OneDrive files to Outlook emails. This software focuses on different tools typically utilized by businesses including Trello (task management and to-do lists) and Slack (chat). The main aim of Office 2016 is to provide all that a business needs in a single app.
Since majority of SMBs, and even large enterprises, utilize MS Office as the most used application, it would be wise to move to the recent version in order to benefit from the improved features designed especially for businesses. If you aren’t utilizing all or even majority of the powerful features offered by Office, it is high time that that you get some training and start taking full advantage of this productivity tool.

Apple Hit by Viruses and Malware

According to research, more than 4,000 apps on Apple Store have been found to be affected by XcodeGhost malware. This malware has added hidden codes in applications which gather identifying data about the device they get installed on. Even though, the command and control servers utilized by XcodeGhost are now taken down, the infected apps are still trying to connect to them via unencrypted HTTP connections. Security companies have been identifying even more infected apps and it has become difficult for users to manually keep a track of them or depend on one product to protect against them. This news is important for all SMBs as it indicates the dire need of enhancing the security in all devices. It is essential for you to ensure all security software programs are current and updated to protect against hackers and secure your valuable data.

For SMBs, it is crucial to stay updated about the happenings and emerging trends in the tech world in order to enhance their productivity by incorporating the latest technology and to protect their operations from any emerging security threat.

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Top Tech Happenings That SMBs Can Benefit From
There is a reason that small and medium-size businesses tend to be among the early adopters of new business technology. Unlike big, slow-moving corporations, SMBs can switch to new tech as soon as its benefits are apparent.