Worried About the Cyber-Security of Your Enterprise? Following Are 4 Simple Tips That You Can Incorporate To Improve It

Cyber-Security of Your EnterpriseData theft is considered to be the one major problem which affects businesses (small, medium and enterprise) the most (read worst) and this threat appears to be growing! As technology is becoming more advanced and sophisticated, so are the hackers who have set even bigger targets than ever.

Victims of hacking and cyber-crime come in all sizes, which is why small to mid ranged businesses are just as mcuh at risk as large enterprises and governmental institutions, cementing the fact that cybercriminals don’t care for the type of business as long as there’s useful data to be stolen.

The situation has indeed become dire, making it all the more important for businesses and security experts to come up with effective security strategies and ways to tighten network defenses. Following are the 4 basic steps that can increase security, as told by our security experts:

Adopt Secure Email Habits

Home computer users can attest to the amount of spam messages and junk mail that’s received on their email account. Imagine the number of such emails received on corporate accounts, every day! Even though majority of spam messages get caught by the filters in place, most types of junk mail gets to see the light of your inbox, largely due to their sophistication.

Security experts recommend two simple strategies that can be implemented by enterprises to avoid a phishing scheme. First: inculcate in your employees the habit of viewing received emails in plain text, which will remove suspicious/malicious links as well as embedded viruses, leaving only the email’s text. Second: employees must have 2 email addresses, one being solely reserved for work related communication, and the other for online store subscriptions and newsletters.

Increase Password Security

The idea of creating of different and varying secure passwords has become old news. Yet, most people fail to adhere to this practice. Computer users typically create the exact same password for all their accounts – something which makes it incredibly easy for hackers to crack. Experts suggest users should create unique and multiple passwords, alternating them throughout the accounts.

Keep Human Error in Mind

One wrong click by you, or a misplaced file is enough to make an enterprise vulnerable to cybercriminals, even with the most advanced security tools and measures in place. After all, your own employees can be responsible of exposing the system as there still hasn’t been found a way to prevent human error from business and IT applications. Implementing a company-wide security training session can help to raise awareness though.

Deploy a Layered Security Solution

Implementing an endpoint security solution is one way by which enterprises can improve their cyber-security policies. It’s an effective measure because different defenses are used at once in this security option, which helps to keep malicious activity at bay. This strategy is largely used by organizations that have exorbitant amounts of sensitive data locked away.

Businesses spend a large amount of their capital on security but more often than not fall short, as they don’t take a guided approach when it comes to security of business applications and IT systems. Hopefully, this blog will help figure out where you often go wrong.

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Worried About the Cyber-Security of Your Enterprise? Following Are 4 Simple Tips That You Can Incorporate To Improve It
Cyber security teams today typically use multiple endpoint solutions to protect their enterprises from common cyber threats.