3 Types of CIO: Become the One Your Business Wants You to Be

Young adult woman presenting to coworkers.There’re 3 types of CIOs, which the person running the show can embody. According to latest research by Deloitte, what matters most, isn’t what role you wish to play in the organization; rather, what you want to achieve while in that role and position..
As a CIO of any company, it’ll be up to you to keep the IT Infrastructure up and running, bring innovation and positive change in the organization, or be an integral part of the executive board and drive important business decisions. The question arises; will you be confined to one role only as a CIO?

Being Jack Of All Trades Is Considered an Advantage

The above mentioned roles are all possible for CIOs, as found by Deloitte. Not only this, but the research also found that in order to be successful, CIOs will need to adapt as their organization change and expand by nimbly switching from one given role to another.

So, what are the 3 types of CIO and which one is best for your organization?

The Trusted Operator

This type largely focuses on improving the efficiency and performance of IT systems, reducing costs etc. They have access to technologies which enable the business, support its transformation programs and make use of technology so that it complements and aligns with business strategy.

The Change Instigator

This individual is the one that takes the lead when it comes to technology led initiatives that could transform the business. Majority of their time is allocated to supporting not only the business strategy but also to deliver and inculcate emerging technologies into the framework.

The Business Co-creator

This type of CIO spends most of their time making effective business strategies and implementing them to enable positive change. According to the research, business co-creators spend nearly 30% of their time in driving business innovation and strategy. The rest of their time is equally divided between the two other CIO roles.

Why CIOs Need To Morph From One Role To Another?

Business specialists and strategists recommend an individual should take note of all 3 types of CIOs and use/become them in the appropriate stages of their business. In fact, it’s a mistake to think that one role is more important than the other, as all three make use of the same core skills that are essential in making a business successful.

How to Adapt To the Needs of Your Organization?

Judging from the above, business specialists reckon individuals running an enterprise should have attributes of all three CIOs. In fact, what type of CIO you choose to be depends entirely on what the needs of your organization are, the type of industry it’s centered on, and even the internal politics of the organizations (in some cases).

This is made clear by Deloitte’s (UK) CIO program leader, Mark Lillie who is of the opinion that CIOs should be able to incorporate all three models at different points of their careers. In the end, how you spend your time in the organization is more important than what role you opt for.

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3 Types of CIO: Become the One Your Business Wants You to Be
types of CIOs in this article – the traditional CIO, focused on cost-efficiency and infrastructure reliability; the change instigator, who takes the lead on business transformation; and the business co-creator, the driver of business strategy.