4 marketing automation mistakes you are making

automationMore or less, the corporate world is characterized by a rat race between company executives in securing the latest technology, such as marketing automation to outdo one another. A neat strategy and wide technological usage are often the factors fueling SMB growth, and technologies such as marketing automation are the latest prize eyed by corporate executives for promising greater business growth.

Research from Ascend2 accounts usage of marketing automation system by marketers for 25% worldwide. Another study is by Frost and Sullivan from last year stating that the marketing automation industry is expected to reach $1.9 billion by 2020. However, as companies adopt this system for B2B purposes, there are many errors in implementation that thwart its potential for delivering business growth. The following are some common mistakes.

Expecting overnight gains

It is important that firms think big and make detailed long-term plans on how to incorporate marketing automation to achieve competitive advantages such as higher customer loyalty and cost-efficiencies. However, another thing is to expect to achieve these competitive advantages overnight. It is very common to find companies rushing to get an expensive and quality delivering marketing automation tool, without any plans whatsoever on how to use it in the short term.

Instead of starting slow and steady, they start big and hasty which often results in poor utilization of their latest resource. Firms thus need to make careful, well thought out plans on how to use it effectively.

Not knowing the limitations of marketing automation

With every technology there are limitations and with limitations there are things it cannot do. When a decision to purchase a marketing automation tool is made from the vendor, the rights questions need to be asked such as how what marketing automation cannot do. This is important as sales and marketing personnel need to be aware of how best to utilize marketing automation for optimum success.

Without it, substantial time and competitiveness could be lost in trying to do something that marketing automation cannot deliver.

Choosing a marketing automation system not fit for marketing

Marketing automation offers dozens of benefits and opportunities for marketers in terms of leveraging greater customer insights and lead generation tactics for higher sales growth. However, marketing is all about adapting your tools and resources to new opportunities and threats; it is about being dynamic.

Hence your marketing automation needs to be equipped with business intelligence tools to apply real time data to your advantage and predictive analytics. It is thus essential that businesses choose features that are relevant to your marketing needs.

Not making any allowances for security risks

Marketing automation is useful for automating customer communications from a variety of marketing channels. However, if your marketing automation tool is automating customer habits and preferences from social media, have you set enough measures to prevent security breaches? More importantly, does your marketing automation come equipped with security protocols to prevent breach of information?

The threat of security breaches is getting more and more cumbersome. Firms need to ensure that their marketing automation system is configured with sufficient security codes to prevent any risk of a data breach.




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4 marketing automation mistakes you are making
Marketing automation are not always going to successful. Sometime if went to failure. But we don't know the reasons.So here we give major 4 marketing automation mistakes you are making.