5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016


As firms compete with one another by utilizing the best marketing techniques, practices, and strategies for achieving competitive advantages, the effect of such efforts is only short-lived. This is why marketers are always on the lookout for new trends that can help them give a first-mover advantage and secure higher profitability and growth targets.

In this blog post, we will share 5 online marketing trends that will dominate 2016.

Marketing automation

According to a survey by Software Advice, a division of Gartner, many small businesses are relying on purchasing marketing automation systems to spearhead their online marketing efforts. Marketing automation systems allow organizations to synchronize and streamline all of their digital marketing tactics and efforts under one roof, effectively reducing labor costs and increasing digital marketing consistency and efficiency.

The survey highlighted how three quarters of the respondents cited e-mail marketing campaigns as their top reason for purchasing marketing automation systems. Currently, the marketing automation industry is worth $5.5 billion and the figure is only expected to rise, owing to greater demand for higher digital marketing leverage.

Relationship marketing

Owing to the rise of mobile phones expected by experts, which is 2 billion mobile customers by 2016, many firms are stressing on the importance of relationship marketing more than ever before. Relationship marketing is concerned with building deeper two-way connections with customers and establishing long-term relationships that will inspire brand advocates and word-of-mouth marketing.

This will cause traditional mass-market marketing approaches to decline as personalized messages will dominate the industry. Each customer, as a result, will appear unique, and firms’ chances of acquiring customers will hinge entirely on how much they can tailor their marketing messages to individual tastes.

Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is, perhaps, one of the most talked about developments in the marketing industry. The scale of opportunities that firms can accrue from implementing such systems will allow them to attain many cost efficiencies and marketing leverages.

A 2014 survey from TripWire highlighted that more than 60 percent of company’s executives had expressed a desire to establish IoT in their organizations. The IoT is associated with the interconnectivity of closely embedded mobile and other devices. The rise of wearable tech will further augment the breadth of change expected from IoT as its market size is anticipated to reach $6 billion in 2016.


Of all the things that can help businesses acquire competitive advantage, analytics definitely is one of the top contenders for 2016. Big Data is growing at a monumental rate, and firms that are looking to capitalize on major opportunities will be investing in a number of analytics software and equipment to develop effective digital marketing strategies.

Firms, therefore, will invest in technologies that can help them manage large amounts of data and also hire personnel that can extract valuable insights and information from thousands of terabytes worth of data.

Rich media

The need for firms to engage and excite their customers will see another phase of its evolution as rich media will become mainstream. The technology allows customers to interact with an ad by merely hovering the cursor over the ad. The development of HTML 5 will allow firms to publish a variety of content, from videos to games, as well as other types of content, to create highly engaging and interactive content.

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5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016
The online marketing industry is complex and volatile, but an exciting one for anybody who stays up on modern trends. Each year, new hardware, new software, new companies, and new user preferences dictate a host of sweeping changes that either get adopted or ignored by the businesses of the world.