5 reasons SMBs should use Office 365

officeWith the advent of cloud computing, SMBs have raced towards adopting the new technology in order to benefit from substantial cost efficiencies, increase competitive leverage, and drive higher business growth. However, in today’s business landscape characterized by heavy reliance on high-speed internet and greater data flexibility, conventional office software programs will only slow down business processes. Word, spreadsheet, and database programs, therefore, need to reflect current business needs and Microsoft Office 365 has that answer.

Research, according to the Cloud Adoption Report from Bitglass, shows Office 365 has become the dominant provider for businesses in terms of online office tools. So if you are an owner of a SMB, here are 3 major reasons why you should consider opting for Office 365 if you have not already.

1) Provides secure data access

Office 365 is capable of providing top-notch data security by meeting the essential requirements through advanced security engineering and strong governance at every level of the application suite. It is designed to combat known and unknown malicious software threats that are a danger to every business’ operations. The Online Protection for Exchange, for instance, takes a proactive approach in protecting your organization from viruses and other types of threats.

More importantly, the Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) encryption allows safe connection to the internet and other security certificates and encryptions are also supported.

2) Has a bundle of rich capabilities

What makes the Office 365 bundle so unique is that it is cloud-based, allowing organizations to seamlessly connect to the internet and access software applications depending upon their use. Organizations, as a result, have access to cloud-specific applications programs such as Exchange Online for e-mail, Lync Online for voice and video-conferencing purposes, as well as the handy partnership with SharePoint Online, a content management software tool.

3) Offers high deployment flexibility

It may be that you are not willing to move all your data and files to the cloud in an instant and instead want to take things at a slower pace. Office 365 can let you choose from a variety of environments that either are fully cloud-based, hybrid, or an on-premises one.

4) Saves valuable training costs and time

The great feature of the suit is it offers a consistent user experience across all mobile, desktop, and online experience. This makes using Office 365 incredibly easy to use, which allows organizations to save valuable time and costs on training their staff and maximize ROI. Staff can begin using the suite almost immediately without facing any sophisticated tools and features to master first.

5) Has 24/7 support network

SMBs do not simply pay subscriptions for using the suite and learn to cope with using it on their own. In fact, they receive 24/7 Office 365 Enterprise support, which deals with issues related to outages, functionality issues, and more. Customers can even access the CloudVantage program, that offers advanced support features and tools.

End note

The aforementioned reasons are sufficient for SMBs to take full advantage of Office 365 to take their business to the next level. With a subscription pricing model, cloud integration, and online support, implementing Office 365 can be a vital addition to a business’ network of operations.

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5 reasons SMBs should use Office 365
SMBs like the convenience associated with having a mission-critical email platform like Exchange combined with Microsoft's personal productivity and collaboration applications and hosted in a cloud environment.