Security Is Key To Your New Business! Here’s How You Can Keep It Safe

Just thinking about the legal documents, records, marketing data, people and cash that’s found inside the walls of a typical business will force business owners to think about security, and how well all the above is being protected. Following are some security measures that can be taken by any business, regardless of the size and type.

Secure Your Blackberry

Keep this in mind: You’re running the risk of exposing a storehouse of personal information and an easy way into the company network every time the smart-phone is taken out from its holster, even for just a few moments.

We’ve gotten so addicted to our smart-phones and blackberry devices (hence the nickname ‘CrackBerry’) that we’ve forgotten the heightened security risks that come along with its incredible productivity and convenience. To better protect your data, you should;

Make Use of Strong Passwords

Implementing this policy can prove to be inconvenient at times but compared to a data breach or network crash, you’ll be congratulating yourself on the decision. Creating a strong password is fairly simple and requires only three steps:

Erase Your Hard Drive Completely

When done with an old computer or copy machine, people tend to throw it out without erasing the hard drive of the device. This is a grave mistake as a trashed computer is akin to a gold mine for data and identity thieves. Also, what many users don’t realize is that all documents are stored on the hard drive of their office or home copier, which remains until overwritten by other data.

Proper steps must be taken to erase all data and information from a computer or copier before that device leaves the office or is thrown in the garbage.

Develop a Social Media Policy

Internet users have to face an entirely separate category of security concerns when it comes to social networking sites and email. Information can be easily disseminated through these technologies and is incredibly hard to be recovered once exposed. It’s practical to assume that nothing stays private on the internet. The email policy shouldn’t only reflect that concern, but also address the nature of content for social media pages and company emails.

Make use of this sample social media policy when writing down your own customized document on social media policy.

Install High Security Deadbolts

To protect sensitive company data and information, you’ll have to take the help of some physical measures as well. High security deadbolts are used primarily for securing exterior doors and if properly installed will guard the building from even the most determined intruder.

Install an Alarm System

While effective, deadbolts can only do so much when it comes to stopping an intruder into forcing his way. Perhaps a modern security system is what your business needs, with a wide range of electronic components and designed to sense suspicious activity, decide and act all within minutes. You’ll find many different models of alarm systems in the market but this guide will tell how to choose the best one.

While some of these measures won’t work for certain companies, nearly all will provide practical advice to business owners on how to better secure their systems and data from cyber-scammers and intruders.

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Security Is Key To Your New Business! Here’s How You Can Keep It Safe
Data security should be an important area of concern for every small-business owner. When you consider all the important data you store virtually -- from financial records, to customers' private information -- it's not hard to see why one breach could seriously damage your business.