SMB Technology Needs – Common Misconceptions

SMB Technology NeedsMajority of SMBs prefer to do more with fewer employees. However, it is overwhelming for SMBs to survive in today’s globe marketplace and technological age as keeping up with new technologies can become cost prohibitive. Although most of SMBs hire in-house IT staff, the owners or senior managers with little knowledge about IT have to make all the IT related decisions. This is the reason why IT related decisions appear difficult for the decision makers and they aren’t able to make the right decisions in order to stay competitive. The result? The decision makers develop misconceptions regarding the IT needs in the business.
Let’s look at the most common misconceptions SMBs’ decision makers have regarding their technology needs:

“There Isn’t Any Need to Invest in an IT Strategy”

SMBs have growth potential but the only thing that stops them from making big is the lack of a proper IT strategic plan. This is simply due to low understanding of the importance of an IT plan. What the SMBs need to realize is that a properly developed and implemented IT plan not only meets the needs of the company but also enhances customer satisfaction. With no proper plan, SMBs implement technologies without any focus which has a negative impact on the customer service and employee productivity. The right technology implemented at the right time can drastically improve the overall productivity and performance of the business.

“My Business Can’t Afford Latest Technology”

The major difference between large enterprises and SMBs is that majority of small business don’t have a proper in-house IT department which ensures that appropriate technological choices are made. According to a report, merely one-third of SMBs have a dedicated IT team while others relay on IT partners, manufactures and retailers. The ones making IT decisions aren’t aware about the technological issues faced by the company or its needs. This leads to costly mistakes. This further make their belief firm that they can’t afford latest technology. In reality, these businesses can’t afford not to have the latest technology in their business. They only need to make informed decisions related to their IT needs.

“Mobility and Tech Solutions Would Just Provide An Excuse For Employees Not Come To Office”

Tech savvy SMBs that take mobility as a means of extending the productivity of their employees beyond the 9 to 5 working hours are the ones that gradually make it big. This, along with flexible working hours, results in their employees benefiting and contributing positively towards the company. According to a study, 63% managers and 71% IT managers agreed that mobility and other tech solutions enhanced the productivity of their employees.

“There is No Need to Worry About IT Security”

Majority of SMBs assume that no hacker would be interested in targeting their business. In reality, everyone is a potential target for hackers. Even though it is true that hackers typically attack large enterprises like Facebook and Google, SMBs are an easy target. The emergence of a transparent business culture and social media has become a breeding ground for tech attacks and breaches on sensitive data. No business, whether small or large, can afford not to have a proper IT security system at place. Otherwise the consequences are staggering – loss of productivity, reputation, customer trust, and revenue.

In order to protect the business and ensure its prosperity, SMBs must avoid these common IT related misconceptions. It is essential for SMBs to get trained and learn about their technological needs and make better decisions to ensure the growth of their business.






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SMB Technology Needs – Common Misconceptions
Traditional SMBs as well as "accidental entrepreneurs" (laid-off workers who started their own company during the recession) all feel the need to "do more with less employees", but surviving in the technology age and global marketplace can be overwhelming, and keeping up to date with latest technologies cost prohibitive.