Technologies that will transform the way we look at PCs

shutterstock_139222157_creating_technology_magic_620pxYou may think PCs are boring or archaic, and you might even take for granted the fact that they are soon to become faster, power-efficient and lighter over time. What you don’t know is that they hold a much brighter future than anticipated and may completely change the course of how we imagine things. Here are some PC advancements that will change the face of computing over the several years.

Wireless charging

Aiming for completely wireless computing, yes, that is indeed a dream come true — one that is fast becoming a reality. The days to trip over laid down wire clutter every time you least expect it are long gone. The wireless charging concept applies to automatically charged laptops on table minus the wiring. What Intel strives to do is to make accessible such wireless chargers without power adapters as easy to find as Wi-Fi today in airports, restaurants, cafes, offices and other public places. Some very promising prototypes by Intel have already been introduced making charging of our laptops much easier.

Beam up the images, Scotty

Forget costly HDMI or DisplayPort monitor cables and envision a wirelessly connected laptop monitor. That is exactly what’s being offered by Intel today. This wireless laptop envisaged by Intel can connect multiple monitors to conduct conferences. These laptops will also be able to stream manifold desktops at once.

Lighter, thinner, faster and better

Tablet PCs, notebook computers, and laptops; with such myriad choices to choose from, it becomes nearly impossible to set your heart on one. This will surely become tougher to do when more and more innovative designs are introduced. Laptops as thin as 15 mm with longer battery life and new and advanced processors from Intel and not to mention embedded with Advanced Micro Devices Carrizo chip are already becoming irresistible just imagine what the future holds.

Interactive computers

Interactive computers behave more like the eye by identifying objects and measuring 3D distances. Computers in the near future will be able to understand and respond to our needs through sound, touch and voice inputs. This means, with installed combination gestures, visual recognition technology and voice, people’s imaginations and reading habits will no longer be a mystery for PCs to decipher.

Intel has already provided software that allows users to use biometric authentication website for two very distinctive purposes. A) Biometric authentication is much secure and reliable and number b) It gives the users opportunity to get rid of a number of passwords they keep forgetting. A be prepared to log into computers using your body as a means to log in to your e-mail account.

Creative Desktop

From a white bland box, the desktop today has turned into a focal point of imagination and originality. One such recent example is the HP’s bud, which although looks like a normal all-in-one computer but has been upgraded with the latest imaging technologies and collaborations packages.

And as witnessed every year, PCs, and laptops are becoming thinner, lighter and smarter with longer battery life. Gaming and movies will surely be hitting much higher resolution displays than of today. But all this will surely come with a price and you may think in cash, we like to believe much more than that just money.


Article Name
Technologies that will transform the way we look at PCs
Computers will become more perceptual with a combination of gesture, voice and visual recognition technologies being installed in PCs And like every year, PCs will get thinner, faster, lighter and have longer battery life. Games and movies will look smashing with higher-resolution displays. The new technology, however, will come with a price.