Top 4 Challenges Digital Marketers Will Face In 2016

digitalmarketingAs firms face the growing sophisticated of IT tools and processes, the role of marketing becomes increasingly technical in nature. While traditional marketing has its benefits, the value that digital marketing continues to grow at a remarkable rate. The rise in techniques, such as social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and mobile marketing, for instance provide firms with revenue streams that cannot be matched with those driven by conventional, print marketing methods.

Despite its significance, digital marketers are faced with unparallel challenges that need to be tackled properly in 2016. These are as follows.

Difficulty in determining returns on investment

While lead generation and conversion rates provide simple ways to measure investments, the same cannot be said of other measures. Other methods, such as social media marketing and content marketing are incredibly diverse and complex, owing to the plethora of channels used, which makes it extremely difficult for digital marketers to measure the impact of their efforts.

Although metrics can be used, there is no clear-cut method for determining the financial impact of conduct digital marketing campaigns.

A limited amount of the budget is allocated to digital marketing

Digital marketing may account for more than two-fifths (42 percent) of the entire marketing budget. However, more than 80 percent of a survey’s respondents mention that they have fewer resources devoted to carrying out digital marketing initiatives than expected. This shows that while digital marketing may contribute to more than 40 percent of the entire marketing budget, on average, there is less than a proportionate number of resources, tools, and processes devoted to it.

Need for more creative content

The significance of content marketing has risen greatly for digital marketers. This means that more and more marketers will be using similar methods of pulling customers towards their brand, making it a lot harder to capture the attention of the average customer. More and more firms are employing the use of creative blogs, videos, images, social media content, resulting in a zero-sum game. Therefore, the challenge for content marketing leaders will be to use innovative methods of luring customers to have a strong edge over the competition.

Greater spending for harnessing social media marketing advantage

Social media has risen explosively in allowing companies to showcase their brand to thousands of customers and establish effective, two-way communications, enabling them to exercise customer-centric relationship marketing activities. However, the regular updates of social media network algorithms from Facebook and Twitter, for example, is diminishing the impact of free advertising.

This means that firms will have to allocate a higher budget for paid social media ads to attract customers, in addition to being constantly up-to-date with the latest trends and policies of social media networks.

In lieu of the aforementioned challenges, digital marketers will have to succumb to insurmountable pressures in being able to manage digital marketing efforts across multiple channels and platforms, as well as keeping up with the latest metrics, tools, and algorithm updates to achieve a strong edge over rivals.

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Top 4 Challenges Digital Marketers Will Face In 2016
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