VoIP – Advantages for SMBs

enhancedVoIPVoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a series of transmission capabilities making communication and interaction possible over the internet. Also known as Internet telephony, VoIP transforms all voice vibrations in compressed digital signals which are translated into IP (Internet Protocol) packets. These packets are converted and transmitted in normal telephone signals when a user utilizes a regular phone. In simple words, VoIP technology enables businesses and individual users to make phone calls from their computer via a VoIP phone. VoIP offers abundance of benefits and services which are unparalleled to traditional phones.

Here are the many benefits VoIP offers to a business:

Increased Mobilityand Flexibility

VoIP offers more than just increased savings due to lower cost. It allows businesses to integrate software programs like remote conferencing, e-fax, and emails on the internet through their telephone. This means that by using VoIP, employees can communicate with customers, clients, or partners all the while accessing other applications. The VoIP adapters can be taken anywhere and can be used at any venue that offers an internet connection. This is an added advantage for businesses where employees have to travel a lot.

Improved Productivity

VoIP enhances the overall productivity of a business by enabling employees to multi-task without any disruptions. This enables companies to allocate funds that are typically spent on regular phone bills to other important business aspects. VoIP enables employees to share data through video conferencing, hold virtual meetings, and attach important documents.

Full IT Team Isn’t Required

Other systems require a full IT team to manage the separate data and voice implementations and networks but VoIP can easily be managed without the support of an IT team. Cloud or hosted systems facilitate support and implementation and enable employees to manage their line themselves.

No Need For Long-Term Commitment

VoIP is best for SMBs that are reluctant to make big purchases with long term commitments as VoIP can be used on a monthly basis with no need of a contract. This eliminates the risk for businesses being stuck with a system which isn’t working for them.

Cost Effectiveness

Indeed for any business or individual user, the best benefit of any system is its cost effectiveness. When a company switches from a public phone network to VoIP, the increased cost of long distance calls dramatically drops. Not only this, but VoIP reduces costs in other ways as well. Businesses can enlist in VoIP services which would help save them the cost of manpower, equipment, and maintenance. Although the initial VoIP cost may seem higher for some but over time, the savings for a business surpass the preliminary fees.

With improved customer support experience, easy features, and cutting edge functionality, VoIP is best suited for the requirements of all small businesses. VoIP technology is flexible which responds to the changes and needs of any business and helps in strengthening the business’s productivity and communications, along with the systems already being used throughout the company.


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VoIP – Advantages for SMBs
The existence of broadband Internet has enabled the introduction of Voice over IP (VoIP) services, as an alternative to expensive call handling over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). VoIP enables subscribers to initiate and receive telephone calls in the same manner as PSTN.