What Is It Makes The Best Antivirus Software Solution?

virusThe escalating security threat of malicious software programs such as malware, Trojans, phishing, and other related software has left business leaders very anxious in keeping business data safe and secure. The rising influence of the internet of things (IoT) phenomenon and security hacks of prominent companies such as Apple and Sony as well as the hacking of emails of key figures such as President Obama have only intensified the fears among business leaders.
Email security, in particular, has shown rising importance and the only way business leaders can hope to mitigate or eliminate the threats of cybercrime on their e-mail gateways is through installing and operating an effective, anti-virus program software.
An efficient anti-virus software can protect corporate data through encryption which will restrict the pathways through which cybercriminals can gain access to data servers and steal confidential corporate data.
“Hackers are always going to get in. The data has to be encrypted when it is stolen, so when removed the data will be useless. Or we can continue to treat real cyber security as an afterthought. The choice is ours – I will go with the encryption”

  • Richard Blech, CEO, Secure Channels

The question is how do business leaders decide on what the best anti-virus software program is. After all, there are plenty to choose from. Here we will explore top features of an worthy anti-virus program.

Detection rate

A sign of a good anti-virus software solution lies in its ability to track and detect viruses and the different types of malicious software including such as Trojans and malware. It is very common for cybercriminals to use these types of malicious software repeatedly to gain access to valuable information. Therefore, security programs that have a higher detection rate will be able to alert you of more threats and risks and direct you to take the appropriate actions.

Advanced scanning features

The right anti-virus software program should also be able to perform a comprehensive scanning activity including boot sectors, compressed files, e-mail, and downloaded content. More importantly, it should also have the capacity to recover infected files and data and not necessarily be have to be removed to eliminate the virus from your computer or have to resort to reboot your system.


The program should have a user-friendly interface. It should be able to present reports and findings of scanning activities in a clear and presentable format. More importantly, the anti-virus program should not take a large chunk of your computer’s memory and bog down its performance during a scanning activity and should also be properly configured.

Fast and light updates

Another important characteristic of the right anti-virus software is that it can offer new update options quickly and download it without causing your computer to hang. The more updates it features, the more up-to-date your computer and program will be in tracking the latest viruses and malicious software programs. The best anti-virus programs are able to install new updates even on the slowest internet connection.

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What Is It Makes The Best Antivirus Software Solution?
Antivirus software was originally developed to detect and remove computer viruses.